1. Salaried persons and employees shall mean employees of Govt., Govt. undertakings, Schools, Colleges, Self Govt., Panchayat, Para Teachers, Contractual.
  2. Must have a savings deposit/ current deposit maintained with the branch satisfactorily at least for a period of 1 year. Transactions in the account must satisfy credit worthiness and credit need of borrower.
  3. Age group: 18 to 55 years.


a) Construction of new house or purchase of house or flats.

b) Extension of existing house / flat.

c) Modification / renovation of existing residential house.

d) Interior decoration of the residential house within the project.

e) Taking over of housing loan from other banks by way of direct repayment.


  1. The property will be situated in the District of Nadia.
  2. Xerox copy of Ration Card/ voter card/ PAN card/ Adhar card is to be submitted (Compliance to KYC norms).
  3. No dues certificate or an affidavit on a non-judicial stamp of Rs. 10/- affirming that he has no dues from any institution and he will not avail any loan from any financial institution/ bank without referring to the NDCCB.
  4. When salary is paid from other bank a No-Objection letter from that bank with a clause that no loan to be granted till pendency of the proposed loan has to be obtained.
  5. Members of ECCS/ Employees of PACS shall apply through the respective society.
  6. Self-attested passport size photograph to be attached with the prescribed loan application form.
  7. Housing loan can be granted only for residential purpose.
  8. A plan designed by a govt. recognised architect or registered civil engineer duly approved by municipality or panchayat.
  9. In case of non-salaried person’s submission of proof of income in the form of I.T Returns for last 3 years/latest Form No.16 A of I.T. Act. In case of salaried person’s latest salary certificate with gross income, total deduction and net income as also the date of retirement should be stated.
  10. However, in the above cases after all deductions including proposed EMI take home income of the borrower should not be less than 40% of Gross income.
  11. Income of close relative of a same family may be included in total income of the borrower provided the loan will be in the joint name.
  12. In case of taking over loan from other bank, a statement of fore-closure and up to date statement of repayment are necessary.
  13. NPA accounts from other Bank shall not be taken over.
  14. Disbursement of loan will be phase wise as per construction plan.
  15. Date of birth, date of appointment and date of retirement are to be mentioned in the application form along with a salary certificate (Mere Pay slip will not be accepted). In case of a businessman the loan should be liquidated before attaining the age of 60 years.
  16. Left out service in case of salaried person should be enough to cover the repayment of the entire loans
  17. Loanee must have a S/B a/c at least 6 months old with NDCCB.
  18. Loan will be disbursed whenever required in phases against application and the amount will be credited to S/B a/c.
  19. Utilization certificate with vouchers to be submitted before disbursement of next phase of the loan.
  20. Authority to be obtained from the borrower to debit his deposit a/c with the Branch for adjustment of loan account.
  21. A statement detailing the moveable or immoveable property/assets owned or having right to be obtained along with the names of the legal heirs. In case of takeover of the loan from other bank outstanding balance or the valuation of the property, whichever is less, should be upper limit of the loan.
  22. One time Life Insurance premium covering the life if the borrower will be included in the Loan Amount.
  23. HBL to West Bengal State Government shall be guided as per G.O No. 1847-F-B dated 16 01. 2007.


Purchase Price/ total cost less Margin subject to:

For salaried people:

  1. Where the loan is under Govt. Housing Loan Scheme, maximum Rs.30,00,000/-
  2. Where salary is disbursed through our bank deduction will be 60% of the gross Salary including loan EMI, subject to maximum loan Rs.30,00,000/-.
  3. When salary is not disbursed through our bank deduction will be 60% of gross salary subject to Maximum Rs. 30,00,000/-
  4. For Contractual employees of this Bank, deduction will be 60% of Gross Salary and Maximum Loan amount Rs. 200000/-


  1. 10% of the project cost, in case of construction, to be spent by the borrower before availment of loan from the bank and while purchasing a house/ flat 10% of value of the property shall be deposited with the bank in advance or a document confirming payment of such amount to the vendor.
  2. Estimated Cost of the project shall include max. 40% of the value of land.
  3. In case of taking over loans margin will be 30% of the project cost.


  1. Only 3 months moratorium period will be allowed in case of purchase of house /flat. In case of construction of house / flats moratorium for 12 months shall be allowed.
  2. For construction of house/flat entire loan has to be availed of within 6 months of the first disbursement of the loan and the interest during the moratorium period has to be paid by the borrower.
  3. Loan should be liquidated before his retirement.
  4. 0.5% penal charges shall be levied on excess amount deposited as pre-payment/bullet payment of loan.
  5. Rescheduling/ re-phasing of loan may be allowed on application.
  6. Maximum repayment period is 300 monthly instalments (EMI including Interest). The borrower has the option to choose the repayment period out of 5/10/15/20/25 years as per the scheme, but liquidation of the loan before retirement is a must. Primary teachers and others whose salary is disbursed through this bank can also avail of the repayment period of 25 years. For contractual employees of this Bank repayment period 20 years.
  7. EMI to be deducted from salary. Un-dated cheques signed by the borrower covering all the EMIs to be obtained from those, whose salary is not disbursed through the bank.
  8. Declaration u/s 59 of the W.B. Cooperative Act 2006 for intimation to the salary drawing and disbursing authority to the effect that deduction of EMI from the employee and to remit to the bank shall be made.
  1. Rescheduling/ re-phasing of loan may be allowed on application provided the sanctioning authority is satisfied with the activity of the borrower.

Rate of Interest:

As per H.O. guidelines issued from time to time.


i) Equitable Mortgage of the property to be constructed/Purchased in all cases.

ii) In case salaried person declaration U/S 59 of the W.B. Cooperative Act 2006 to be obtained as service security.

iii) Insurance in the name of the borrower/s is/are necessary as per the arrangement with the Insurance Company.

vi) Undated signed cheques covering all the EMIs to be obtained from those borrowers whose salary is not disbursed through the branch or from a non salaried person.